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Natural tours around Bogota

Natural tours around Bogota

walking tour bogota

football game tour and party bus bogota

food and walking tour bogota and santa marta

waterfall and coffee farm tour bogota


Fredy the guide

Bogota | Colombia

  • Professional tour guide; Culture, history and art lover; professional cook and dancer. I am passionate about Colombia and I love to share with visitors the best of our lands.

Natalia the guide

Bogotá | Colombia

  • Professional tour guide, I am apasionante for the history, culture and landscapes of Colombia, I love to share my knowledge with visitors that wants to learn about this beatiful country.

Yuly the guide

Bogota| Colombia

  • Professional tour guide, self-taught in urban art and crafts, passionate about indigenous ancestral knowledge and amateur cyclist, she will share her knowledge with intercultural examples and a big smile.

Jose the guide

Bogota| Colombia

  • Professional tour guide, willing to show the good stuff that Colombia has to offer, love being outdoors and enjoy nature as well as a nice city stroll always up for learning from new cultures and sharing my own.

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