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the true colombian experience

Two days, one hotel night

First day:
City Tour

the best way to get in toucht with the real face of the city of riohacha, we will walk around the historical centre and around la calle primera the first street at the continent of south america; we will learn about the riohacha culture and see the city in the point of vew of the local people. we try some of the local snacks and drinks; talking about history and culture in a really friendly and realistic way.

we visit a Ranchería  (its the local place where the native people live)

one of the most important part of our trip this is one of the moments where we get closer to one of the most important colombian natives cultures the wayuu. there we will learn about theyr belivings and culture, we try theyr food and also share a vew about the way they live. the idea is to learn about they and share. its not and invasive tour or something like that this will be a experiences where a local wayuu will invite us to theyr land and welcoming us with theyr heart. we suport each others and with we visiting they we leave some experience and money that they need for to keep growing and keep they culture.  and for to end a perfect day we will enjoy the vallenato music in the most native way with a live show.
Night (Parranda Vallenata) 

Second day:
we go to the town LOS CAMARONES  to View Pink Flamingos. this is a hole experience we will have a native breackfast in the town and we go with the local guide who is a expert in 
Bird watching and at afternoon we go in a private transportation to the next and last stop in the guajira region the town palomino

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